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    Hey. I've got these packets of gauze-like material which have been saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and are sterile. I just needed to know whether or not it's safe to use to remove thermal paste from a cpu and heatsink. Or is there something else to use? And where can I purchase it?

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    Any soft tissue will be OK, I also use toilet paper, the non sandpaper kind and Isopropyl Alcohol as long as it doesnt scratch the surfaces. Of course make sure of any anti static precautions as well.

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    I was kinda meaning, would this be ok to use?
    Or would I need to purchase say 100% Isopropyl Alcohol?

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    Hi Evil Cloud

    Your packets of sterile cleaners would be perfect for the task in hand however do take wainuitech's advice and pay attention to strict anti static precautions. Be aware the other 30% of the pack saturation liquid is probably sterile water. Use a soft tissue to make sure any residue is removed and components are perfectly dry before reinstallation.

    Don't think 100% Isopropyl Alcohol would be much of advantage over what you have anyway provided the above precautions are adhered to.


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    Arctic Silver make a two step cleaning product that I've used - it has the benefit of smelling nice. Of course, Arctic Silver reckons there are many reasons why their product is excellent - including the fact that the thermal strips on boxed CPU heatsinks is usually paraffin wax based.

    But in the end I dare say that isopropyl will do the trick - and the swabs you have a picture of will use medical grade isopropyl and will evaporate without leaving a residue - unlike industrial grade isopropyl.
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