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    My HP LaserJet 5L has finally died so I have a spare unopened C3906A toner cartridge which I am willing to sell at a heavily discounted price. It is also suitable for HP 3100 and 3150 laser printers. Anyone interested? Contact me at phillips at-sign

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    Technically that post would constitute spam,

    Have a read of the forum rules, take special note of number 8.

    8) No commercial posting, spamming, or otherwise using the forum to promote products and services purely for your own gain. This doesn't stop you recommending products and services to other users, nor does it stop a vendor discussing their products in relation to a post. But users who post purely to promote their business/website may find their threads deleted along with their user ID.
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    Technically the link to dancing paperclips in your post would contravene rule number 2 of the forum rules.

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    Give him a break, do!! I am assuming it is his peronal printer & I see nothing wrong with that. PJ
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