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    Default Capture from DVD+RW

    I have a Phillips DVD recorder connected to the TV. I cannot figure out how to capture/acquire/extract a particular programme from the DVD disk when I transfer the disk top my laptop.

    The end result I want is to be able to record off the TV onto a DVD disk, put the DVD disk into the laptop, and capture a programme either for viewing on the laptop or burning to another DVD disk for use in class.

    I have the usual array of software that came with the laptop: Windows Media Player and Movie Maker, NTI Cd Maker, adn cyberlink DVD producer.

    All of them seem to assume I want to record from a camera or something of that sort.

    Assistance would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Capture from DVD+RW

    Best to use DVD+/-R discs for that type of usage.

    IIRC DVD+/-RW discs aren't as reliable as R discs.
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    Default Re: Capture from DVD+RW

    Read the DVD Recorder's manual. Learn how to finalise the DVD and if it needs to be formatted then learn that also. If the end result from the DVD recorder is not done right it will not necessarily view/play on your computer.

    Read your manual on best discs to use.

    IF your DVD Recorder is also a HDD recorder and trying to Dub from HDD to DVD then sometimes if a program is recorded to HDD at highest resolution it will not burn/DUB to DVD.

    DVD +/- RW's are fine. Makes no difference on mine at all.

    You can then use DVD Shrink to rip the DVD to your computer. If you are wanting to edit it from that point then you would have to convert the VOB files.

    Alternatively you can get likes of a Hauppauge PVR card and hook it directly to your DVD Recorder and input it that way as an MPEG. Then it is much easier to edit.
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