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    Default How can I play/convert a .dat video file?

    Hi, I was sent a video file but it appears to be in .dat format. Can someone please direct me to a FREE, EASY to use player for this format, or even to a FREE converter so I can convert to .avi? Yip, I did a Google search, but the question is, which is a good one without spayware/popup etc attachement? Cheers

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    Default Re: How can I play/convert a .dat video file?

    1) Open with Windows Media Player
    2) File > Save As "name.avi"


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    Default Re: How can I play/convert a .dat video file?

    Depending on what format you need or want the video in, you could try the free converter "super" which includes conversion from dat files...
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    Default Re: How can I play/convert a .dat video file?

    Well if you know the source of the dat file (maybe a vcd etc, or if the file was derived from mpegs..mpg1 in nature) just rename the file extension to .mpg.

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    Default Re: How can I play/convert a .dat video file?

    I second Super.
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    Default Re: How can I play/convert a .dat video file?

    Very unlikely it is just an AVI. Most likely it is the DAT file from a VCD. Is the filename something like AVSEQ01.DAT or something like that? If so just rename the file to anything.mpg

    As vk_dre said .mpg most likely.

    No need to get a converter to convert something that just needs a name change.

    If that does not work then try to find out what created the DAT. There are LOTS of DAT file variations, not all are Video.

    Super is OK but not great.
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