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    I use M/S "Paint" a great deal to make drawings and edit pictures. BUT I would so like to make shapes and (in particular) cut and paste neatly on an angle rather than only horizontally and vertically.

    Is there a software, available in NZ, which will do this?

    (I know "Paint" is considered dumb, but it is easy to use!!)

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    Maybe CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator
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    Default Re: Drawing


    As for your particular feature, I guess you would play around with the "Layers" menu and the "Rotate/Zoom" item.

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    Illustrator would be the best app for that. It works very well with InDesign if you are doing print work or is fine by itself.

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    If you want something free have a look at the free Serif software

    Serif have been round for years (I used them on a 386 in the early 90s), they tend to make older versions of their software available

    I don't know if they (older versions) would run on Vista, and I haven't used them in a while but I beleive they have "quick shapes" (I don't get to draw things, probably just as well)
    There is also various other Serif software on there
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    i second gimp.

    its pretty flash for a free program.

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