In games only, the video gets choppy, and even freezes for up to 5 secs. I run sysmon in the background while playing the game, and when I shut the game down it shows me that my 1Ghz Athlon has been running at 100% capacity for the entire time the game has been running.
I've tried to find out if the problem is game-specific, but it's consistent over Half-life, Counter-strike, Quake 3 Arena, Quake 3 Team Arena.
I've tried turning display colour depths, resolutions and textures up to max and down to min, but there's no difference.
I tried software rendering, OpenGL and Direct 3D, but no difference.
I shut down all backgound apps until only Systray and Explorer remain.
My Nvidia GeForce 2 MX's drivers have were updated about two months ago.
This problem has only arisen since fiddling with the display option in Half-life. I've uninstalled Half-life but the problems persist, should I reinstall and leave the video settings alone, and hope they overwrite the incorrect settings (whatever they may be) that exist now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,