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    Default Vista upgrade : Forced clean install

    Hi there
    Ive got a Vista Home Premium that I am upgrading to Vista Business.
    I have the Vista Business upgrade disk, but it wont let me do an 'upgrade'
    only a 'clean install'
    MS vista upgrade web site also shows 'clean install' as being the only option
    when upgrading from Home Premium to Business.

    Anyone know a workaround to force an upgrade, I really dont want to have to
    reload all the other software after a 'forced clean install"

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    Default Re: Vista upgrade : Forced clean install

    No workaround that I'm aware of - do the clean install, you'll thank yourself later. Upgrading Vista can sometimes be a messy business.
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    Default Re: Vista upgrade : Forced clean install

    There is no way for a forced upgrade, so you may need info on doing a clean install with an upgrade disc - you can find it here.

    Or you could purchase Vista Ultimate.
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    Default Re: Vista upgrade : Forced clean install

    Make sure to get SP1
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