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    Default How do I improve the sound quality of a VERY old bit of audio?

    I have an audio clip from a very old ceremony in the Pacific. But the sound quality sounds like one of those old speakers at the train station that makes noise, but the words are muffled and very bassy. So, can someone please direct me toward a free EASY to use programme so I can tweek the audio a bit so it is more ledgable? I'm not looking for perfection, just a bit more clarity. As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: How do I improve the sound quality of a VERY old bit of audio?

    You could start with Audacity, but the better and more advanced Cool Edit Pro 2 (Now Adobe Audition, I think) are much more advanced - which hundreds off basic/advanced effects (Reverb, Filters, and apply instant changes to Music types: Acoustic Hall, Concert, Radio, pop, jazz, etc, all in batch mode as well). I use to enhance old vinyls using Cool Edit Pro 2 (trial), but I think Adobe now own the program - and perhaps look for a trial if it exists...
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    Default Re: How do I improve the sound quality of a VERY old bit of audio?

    Audacity would do I think, totally free and alot of people here can help you if you get stuck.
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