Iím looking for someone to write a windows service in C++ / VB .net / whatever. In a nut shell it monitors a series of folders and when a file arrives it copies it to another corresponding folder.


The basic setup is as follows, there is a folder C:\FTP, which contains user home directories where they upload files, e.g. C:\FTP\sam C:\FTP\bob etc, these folders will change on a day to day basis, some will be deleted, some will be added, so each time the service looks for changes it will have to scan all folders under C:\FTP.

Inside these sub-folders (e.g. C:\FTP\sam), will be the files I want to move, e.g. C:\FTP\sam\file1.zip C:\FTP\sam\file2.zip, so the service will need to be able to scan for all files that match *.zip.

I want to move the files to a corresponding sub-folder inside C:\ARCHIVE, so all .zip files from C:\FTP\sam will be moved to C:\ARCHIVE\sam, likewise .zip files from C:\FTP\xyz123 will be moved to C:\ARCHIVE\xyz123.

I would like to have a configuration file for the service, ini / xml / whatever, where you can set the source folder to scan (e.g. C:\FTP), the destination folder to move the file to (e.g. C:\ARCHIVE), the type of file (e.g. *.zip/*.whatever), and the scan frequency (e.g. 30s, 60s, 240s).

It would also be good to have a log file of sorts, where a record of each move operation is written, e.g.;
15/05/2008 17:00:12 moved C:\FTP\sam\file37.zip to C:\ARCHIVE\sam\file37.zip
15/05/2008 17:03:59 moved C:\FTP\bob\file93.zip to C:\ARCHIVE\bob\file93.zip
16/05/2008 08:30:12 moved C:\FTP\carl\file311.zip to C:\ARCHIVE\carl\file311.zip

In terms of compensation, this is a small project (hopefully), and I was planning to get it done on a small budget; however I donít expect something for nothing, so Iím more than happy to compensate you for your time, and potentially there may be more (similar) work in the future. I guess Iím really looking for a computer science student with some free time (or similar), whoís interested in this sort of thing.


So if youíre interested please PM me.