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    Default wierd symbol on a floppy drive
    this is a picture of the symbols on the removable floppy drive for my old laptop, the circled symbol is one that really baffles me as its kinda contradictory
    any comments welcome

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    Default Re: wierd symbol on a floppy drive

    Maybe it's telling you in Ancient Cuneiform that there are no floppies or cd-roms inside it and opening it to look will release a curse.

    The next panel shows that you will be tortured with electricity, have your fingers removed and your eye poked out and your coffin will not get a true burial.

    At least that's what the strip of hieroglyphs tells me.
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    Default Re: wierd symbol on a floppy drive

    Simple, don't try to jam a CD into your floppy drive.

    Don't laugh, people try.

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    Default Re: wierd symbol on a floppy drive

    it looks more like its telling me not to insert CDs or floppies in it

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    Default Re: wierd symbol on a floppy drive

    yeah, it looks very contradictory to me, looks like "Don't insert either Floppy or CD" kinda sign.

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    Default Re: wierd symbol on a floppy drive

    You can insert anything other than a disc or floppy in it
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    Default Re: wierd symbol on a floppy drive

    Don't take the floppy disk out of the stiff floppy disk container.

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