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    Default How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Missed the dawn service, but went to my local one in Mosgiel, and then had a wee dram with a few old timers!!

    Very strange feeling drinking whiskey at 10am!!

    I never fail to feel moved at these events though - they're very stirring

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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Well, I'm afraid its more of those "how many tasks can I cross off the long list I have" kinda days. I have drained the oil in my wifes car to discover that Repco sold me the wrong oil filter so I hope they open at 1:30pm.

    Hope my sweet will appreciate me getting my hands somewhat dirty
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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Had o a big one at school last week, and then has just been to the Whangarei Heads service. Double Dose this year =)

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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Went to the cemetary and put Anzac Poppies on my parants grave. Father died in 1977 and mother 1992. My father was a WWII vet. Use to go to dawn services with him when I was a kid.
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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    um..........celebrate ?......

    might celebrate those lucky ones who returned ......
    the ones who didn't well.......

    the ones who were conscripted ......dont think they'd have been that happy about bein there.....

    the ones who volunteered - many thought it'd be a 'great adventure' ....tough learning curve.....

    difficult to celebrate really - death on a grand scale.....

    war is bloody ugly
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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Wife went to dawn parade.
    As my manager & his family are shifting on to new job, that left me to do chores.
    Fed out silage, shifted mobs onto new breaks, shifted electric fences and sorted out a group of calves to go out to grazing first light tomorrow morning.

    Now, I'm going to have a shower and go out for the rest of the day

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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Dawn service in Palmerston North (the one in the square).

    I feel sorry for the flag guy... that can't have been a fun stuff-up to make.
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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Is it OK to say that I slept-in?
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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Spent the day playing poker. Didn't win was still a good time
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    Default Re: How did you celebrate ANZAC Day?

    Driving the truck from before dawn this morning until this afternoon.

    Lest we forget!

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