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    Does anyone who uses powerdvd 8 know how to stop it autoplaying everytime I mount an .iso file or insert a dvd?

    I want to just use the codecs etc but I don't want powerdvd to autoplay anything.
    There are no settings in powerdvd 8 to do this like there are in 7.

    Anyone else having this issue, for instance if you want to mount the movie in daemon tools and play within mediaportal?

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    To stop the drive from auto playing, try this - when loading a DVD, hold down the Shift key, that kills the auto play.

    What you can also do is go into My Computer/Right click the DVD drive/ Properties/Auto Play Tab/ select in the drop down box DVD Then Select prompt me each time to chose action OR the program you want open a DVD.

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    You could disable AutoRun on your computer totally but that would be bit of a sledgehammer approach as compared to what WT has suggested.
    All the technology and software in the universe is useless when the end user has the IQ of a sack of hammers.

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    I'm pretty sure v8 does have a setting to not automatically play the movie on insert. I have autoplay off, but i'm sure I also unchecked an option either on install or in the options. I'll see if I can find it when I finish work.

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    In the Options, it looks like it's under "Player", "Advanced...", "File Association".

    From the manual:

    When any of the selected file formats in the file association list are
    double-clicked on your computer, CyberLink PowerDVD will launch
    automatically and play it back.
    Play automatically upon inserting disc: select this option for
    CyberLink PowerDVD to be launched automatically when a disc
    is inserted into the disc drive.
    Launch CyberLink PowerDVD and play when double-clicking
    an IFO file: select this option to set CyberLink PowerDVD as the
    default player for IFO files.

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