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    Some things have disapeared from my taskbar. How do I go about putting them back. The main one I miss is the ultra Sky Sattelite programme and the volume control.

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    (i) to place the Volume Control back in your system tray open 'Multi Media' in Control Panel and click on the Audio tab: check the box marked 'show volume control on the task bar' and click Apply/Okay. The icon may also be removed using the reverse process.

    (ii) not familar with your 'Sky Sattelite' programe but suggest the following: right click on the programe's icon (you'll probably find it off the Start button somewhere in the Programmes Folder, or, failing that, open its folder in your Windows directory and do same on the 'exe' icon) and then click 'send to Desktop/create short cut'.
    Go to your desktop, highlight the new short cut, then hold down the right-click and *drag* the icon to you launch bar - release and then click 'move here'. You may need to se-size the launch bar by holding down your left-click and sliding the spacer bar along to accomodate the new addition.

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