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    What does it mean when the Norton Anti Virus program scans your hard drive for viruses and comes up with the names of a file or two which were unable to be innoculated? Does this mean you have a virus?
    My OS is Win95.
    Lynne H.

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    Hi there Lynne, What version of Nortons Anti virus do you have? Which files can not be innoculated? Also some of the Windows files can not be innoculated as they are in use. Its a bit hard to give a proper answer without knowing the files that can not be innoculated.

    Regards Fred

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    Gidday Fred
    I'm embarrassed to have to say I rattled off my question about the Norton Antivirus Software without first consulting the program's Help File....
    This question about innoculation of files was one that used to perplex me when I first accessed the world of computers about 8 months ago. At that stage, ALL terms were foreign to me and I couldn't understand the Help Files even when reading 'em!
    Well, I was just recently reading about viruses and started wondering about that 'innoculation thing' that used to stump me a while back and so fired off the query to Press F1 without checking out the Help File on the Norton Program. A fit of guilt drove me to have a look at it (the Norton Help File) after remembering a terse comment made in the Press F1 section a couple of months back, directed at Newbies, along the lines of 'search before you ask' as most commonly asked questions can be answered by searching the F1 site.
    I hadn't looked at the Help Files since installing the Norton Program as a TOTAL (and I mean total computer illiterate!) Green Horn, and today I'm absolutely amazed at how simple all the explanations seem, now that I know heaps more computer jargon.
    So really, it boils down to this: I'v known the answer for quite a few months now, thanks to my constantly increasing knowledge, but just assumed I still didn't 'cos I hadn't thought to look in the most obvious place!
    Sorry for wasting your time.
    I will now go and nominate which files I'd like Norton to 'innoculate' - fully aware (finally) of what and why I'm doing this!
    Lynne Hawkins

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