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    Default unhide rows in excel

    I'm trying to modify someone else's spreadsheet. I'm unable to contact the person who created it.

    I need to modify some formulas that are in rows 180 - 190, but nothing at all is displayed after row 70. The rows are not hidden the normal way, so I can't figure out how to unhide them.

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    Default Re: unhide rows in excel

    Did you try clicking on the origin button at the top left of the sheet, and then right-clicking over any row number and selecting Unhide??

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    Default Re: unhide rows in excel


    My guess is the sheet, or the workbook, has been password protected. Check under menu option Tools > Protection. One of the options when protecting a sheet is the specify that the row/column formats cannot be altered. Changing the row is a formatting change so I'm guessing that option is probably greyed out on the main menu, and the right click menu. On that basis I reckon you need the password. One place to check for the password is in the VBA section of the spreadsheet - some developers put it in there for themselves as either a constant or a comment.


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