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    Default No CD Path entry found in .ini file

    Loaded an old Windows 95 game (Chessmaster 4000) on to a new WinME system. System reported a successful load, but when tried to run programme dialog box reported that 'No CD path entry found in .ini file. To create this entry, edit your .ini file to make a '[paths]' section and a 'CD Path=' entry, immediately followed by the path to the CM4000 directory on your CD-ROM'.
    On checking the .ini file there is such an entry. Can anyone explain to a 'dummy' what's happening or how I can run the programme? Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: No CD Path entry found in .ini file

    The program requires a reference to the location on the CD so that it can use additional files that were not copied from the CD to the Hard disk. The use of win.ini was common in older programs however most new programs use the registry instead to store this information instead.

    Open the win.ini file in notepad, scroll down to the bottom and if it does not already exist create the new section entry. The entry should look like this:

    CD Path=d:\

    Where d is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

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    Default Re: No CD Path entry found in .ini file

    Thanks for prompt answer Tristan, but I should have pointed out that the dialog box said that the entry should be created in the (Chessmaster) CM.ini file, not the win.ini file. I had already checked out the CM.ini file and the entry [paths]
    is already there.
    I did try the win.ini suggestion anyway and nothing changed.

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