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    Default New mother board for old pc

    I have an old PC with a faulty mother board kicking around that I am thinking about trying to get going again. Its about 7 years old and has XP SP1 installed on the hard drive. Thinking about getting a second hand motherboard and processor off trade me, installing them to get it up and running again to use as a jukebox and spare pc.

    What problems am I likely to encounter with the windows activation noticing new hardware etc. I am confident at putting the new motherboard in just not 100% on any issues I may come accross. Any websites out there that could help me?

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    Default Re: New mother board for old pc

    With an old case, it probable has old PSU as well. You will need to buy a new PSU to go with your new\2nd hand mobo.
    You will also have issues with the windows operating system loading up drivers for chipsets that arnt there and new hardware detention at the same time if you even manage to boot into windows.

    Personally, I would just do a clean install. In most cases successfully activating with MS phone options.
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    Default Re: New mother board for old pc

    I recently rebuilt my mothers old pc that had XP Home installed. Put in new Mobo, chip, ram, harddrive, PSU. Activated over the net no problems, much to my surprise.

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    Default Re: New mother board for old pc

    With a major compoent like a new (different) motherboard you would need to reactivate again. But online or via telephone (probably as long as if its not xx times) its perfectly fine. People upgrade their computers over time ....

    Just need to match the PSU, CPU and the RAM sticks that you have now. PSU I presume its ATX design. Unless you have one of the earlier ATX/AT hybrid models.

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