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    Default Win98 Lost Help Files

    I have recently discovered that while using a disc cleaning utility called 'Kill', I have inadvertantly deleted a load of generic files, such as *cnt,*chm,*fts.*txt and most importantly *hlp files. The upshot of this is that I have lost all my Windows Help system. When I try to access the help menu it says it cannot find the chm. or hlp files and did I want to search for them myself and if necessary reinstall them. I would like to try to get back my help\troubleshooting files. Does anyone know how to find them on my Windows 98SE disc and reinstall them? It may be they are hidden or cab. files, which I don't know how to extract, but I can't find them anyway.

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    Default Re: Win98 Lost Help Files

    ...some of the wiser heads may be able to assist you with an easier or more direct solution than what I have to offer, but in the meantime you could try the following:

    (i) Open the System File Checker (SFC) and click onto 'Extract one File from Installation Disc'. [To find this utility go: start > programmes > accessories > system tools > system information > click on tools > then select sfc.]

    Enter the directory path of the missing file in the 'Specify the system file you would like to restore' - or use the Browse button to open the 'D' directory (where D is your CD Drive) and then follow your on screen instructions.

    (ii) To actually locate the file/s you need to restore from the installation disc (and in your case there will be quite a few) may I suggest you use the 'Find' function off the Start button. First, insert your Installation Disc then open Find. In the Named box type '*.hlp' (sans quotation marks) > click the down arrow on 'Look in' and highlight the Drive > then click Find now. The location/s of your various help files will be displayed and can then be placed into your SFC, as per the above.

    For your sake (and my own interest) let's hope one of our wiser heads can offer an easier solution.

    Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: Win98 Lost Help Files

    Thank you for your helpful advice. I have used the find function to locate the .hlp files on the disc, however using the System File Checker I am not quite sure where to restore all the help files to.
    Do I simply put them into Windows System folder and that is it? There is a System folder and a System32 folder, so do I restore them to the ordinary one not the 32.
    I am still unable to find the windows.chm file that it keeps asking for despite using the find file application. Is it a cab. file or something that is hidden somewhere? Questions, questions, eh.
    Thanks for your help anyway,

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