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    Default Outlook Express doesnt work

    I have IE5.5 installed and for a while now OE5 never sends and receives successfully. Also MSN messenger doesnt respond. The programs say they cannot find the connection, but I can surf the net just fine. The weird thing is that My version of Outlook works fine.
    What options do I have to Get these programs to work??

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    Default Re: Outlook Express doesnt work

    ...any one of a number of things could be malfunctioning here and my suggestion would be to uninstall then reinstall both clients.

    (i) Instructions to manually uninstall OE5 are at this site:

    (ii) i would recommend uninstalling MS Messenger manually from the Control Panel and then reinstalling the latest version off the Microsoft (NZ) site at:

    (iii) for those unsure of how to uninstall from the Control Panel, click on Add/Remove programmes, then scroll down to the desired programme, highlight, then click Add/Remove > Yes > Okay. Following that, I would suggest you restart your system and then do a Scan Disc (inside System Tools) before installing the new Messenger.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Outlook Express doesnt work

    I think the main problem is that as a Microsoft product, OE is doomed to failure. My advice is to forget about using this virus portal of a program and get an aftermarket mail client (such as Pegasus Mail) from a download site such as .

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    Default Re: Outlook Express doesnt work

    your Subject line say's it all
    Outlook Express doesnt work!!

    Why do you need OE5 if you are using Outlook?

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