The problem,no floppy drive access,no harddrive boot on first partition,just a blinking cursor.This is how it came about,in the main screen in patition magic I'm about to use driveletter to correct any discrepencies for drives,this is still a hidden partition.Driveletter screen top says,all refrence to drives with this letter,A to Z, bottom driveletter screen now,says,will be refered to as A to Z.I decided to cancel this operation or at lest thats what I thought I did. I then decided to make the partition active anyway,partition magic reboots,end of story.From memory I seem to remeber C being the top letter before I clicked cancel,(like I said I thought I clicked cancel,and we all know what thought did,got out of bed to check that the light was off.)anyway the problem appears to be,in a nut shell,ALL REFRENCE'S TO C WILL BE A. Tried all boot sequences,tried master/slave,floppy A,B,B,A etc.Once the floppy is working, no problem.A serious problem indeed. Anyone help please.