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    Default computer shutting down

    My daughter's Win 2000 takes FOREVER to boot and then shuts down when you try to open "My COmputer" or several other programs. Does not appear to be the power supply or RAM (passed a ram check test I ran). It goes to a blue screen with about 3 lines of text but not enough time to read. Also we get frequent "System is dangerously low on virtual memory" warnings when it is running. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Default Re: computer shutting down

    Sounds like its running out of memory.

    How much ram is installed?

    Post a hijackthis log, its in my sig below. Put it in its own folder.

    Run it, then click on scan the system, and save the log.

    Copy and paste the log here.

    Have you scanned it for viruses etc recently?

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    Default Re: computer shutting down

    Chances are your hard drive is nearly full, causing problems with your page file,(this is your "virtual memory", used to run programs that wont fit in your ram memory (not exactly correct description but close enough)); you havent been adjusting page file size have you, best to leave it on auto.
    Bigger hard drive and/or more ram would fix it, or deleting some of the stuff on your hard drive would also .
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    Default Re: computer shutting down

    To turn off auto reboot to read the BSOD message, do this.

    1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System
    2. Go to Advanced
    3. Under the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings...
    4. Under System Failure un-check "Automatically restart"

    Also you can go to start/run and type in eventvwr

    You may be able to see what caused the bsod there

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    Default Re: computer shutting down

    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy Gonzales View Post
    Sounds like its running out of memory.
    Er no.

    The hard drive is full.

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    Default Re: computer shutting down

    Thanks all - very helpful to a rookie like me. I will try these and see what happens!

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