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    Default LG KP 202 puk needed

    Ok something has happened to my daughters phone and its asking for a puk number we have tried all sorts of numbers and cannot find the book it came with.....weve moved house since then and its lost in the minefield of stuff yet to be sorted.

    any ideas ? ive tried 1234, 0000 and last digits of phone and assorted other ideas...... and also tried online but for some reason cannot get the full information book to show up online.

    help please.

    and what will happen if we run out of times to do this? will it kill phone or sim? 2 turns left it says.

    Im not trying to be difficult it just comes naturally.

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    Default Re: LG KP 202 puk needed

    Contact your network provider.

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    Default Re: LG KP 202 puk needed

    Theres a user guide for it here

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    Default Re: LG KP 202 puk needed

    No, it won't kill your phone. Its easy to get the PUK code, just contact Vodafone or Telecom and they will give you the code (after some verification of course) for a nominal fee but they do waive that sometimes.
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