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    My HP deskjet 820 Cxi has given up on me. I continue to get various eror messages , such as 'computer has lost communication with printer', or although cables are fine, or messages indicating that 'printer is already printing'. I have followed thru all the wizards, to no avail, and have also rung HP helpdesk, who tell me that the cartridge I had just replaced was the problem, but of course the new one didn't make any difference. My daughter tells me she jammed a piece of paper in it before it died, but I can find none jammed,, tho my on switch lite and paper feed lite continue to flash at me.( which they shouldn't usually). Any suggestions from you computer smart people out there??

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    A similar problem with my HP 670C printer was only solved when I installed it again (under Start->Settings->Printers)and deleted the old setup. This replaced the drivers with new copies and stopped the annoying 'Already printing' messages. If you can make the printer do a test page offline - by holding in the Paper Feed button after power on - you will know the printer is not dead; just not being accessed correctly from Windows.

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