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    I am currently looking at subscribing to a DSL capable ISP, but need some advise re modem selection and the potential for a home network. Should I go for an external USB DSL modem e.g. alcatel, thereby allowing another flatmate with a USB port on his laptop to use the connection, or save $$ and elect an internal card?

    The other (third) flatmate has an older PC using Win95 and therefore not utilising USB. Is there any way to network all three PC's? The laptop uses Win98, my PC is a PIII 500Mhz using Win98 with 128 MB ram. I know this is a very vague set of descriptions, but maybe some of you have some valuable advice from your own experiences.


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    Go for a Nokia M1122 router which has a hub built in get network cards for the other pc's and conect them all you can then all surf the net but watch the usage.

    Also look at a firewall sonicwall

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