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    Default Powered 7-port USB HUB

    USB devices are proliferating and I wish to get a USB hub, separately (ie mains) powered, with more than 4 ports (say 7 which seems to be available).

    I would appreciate advice on the parameters which define such a device, and the values which are best.

    I've seen devices from D-link (DUB-H7), Digitus, Belkin, and ICZ, and have no idea how to choose among them.

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    Default Re: Powered 7-port USB HUB

    They all seem to be OK, I've seen heaps of no-brand ones that work fine, I personally would stick with a brand such as Belkin, as they have a good reputation, but others will be cheaper. I think they are much of a muchness.
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    Default Re: Powered 7-port USB HUB

    And some USB devices dont like being plugged into hubs.

    If they dont work, you'll have to plug it into a USB port

    Just remember to get a USB 2 not 1.1 hub.

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