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    I have a python interpteter installed on my PC (under Win XP), and I know how to point the command prompt at the python script saved file, but I have a problem.

    I found this python script to delete duplicate files on the location you point it to, but I can't get it to work.

    When I run the script it says something along the lines of:
    Looking for potential dupes...
    0 duplicate files found
    Looking for real dupes...

    Then back to the normal c:\... command lind.

    Is there something in that script that I need to change to point at the directory I want? This has been really frustrating me because I can't find if I'm meant to change something on it or not, I don't have much knowledge of python passed the basic tutorial.

    I also know a specialist forum may have been better, but I'd rather see if I could get it solved here first before making yet another forum account that I'll never use again.

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    Are you giving it the directory to walk as a command line parameter? If not, that's what it expects.
    Why use a simple solution when a complicated one will suffice?

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