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    Default No Standby Power Mode

    Some Programme or process is stopping my computer going to standby mode. I get a message saying 'to turn off all programmes and try again' I have done this to no avail. Is there any log/process I can observe message/errors to try and track this down. I have tried various power modes/times with no luck.

    Anything that can point me in the correct direction would be appreciated.


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    Hi Bruce, Try this link it might help. Regards PC

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    Press START\RUN type susfail.txt This may show a message telling you what is preventing standby. Re-post on PRESS F1 and I am sure someone will have the answer

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    Peter and T. RB,

    thanks for the tip on Susfail.txt. It reported :
    'DevNode 'Gameport Joystick'(ROOT\*PNPB02F\0000) failed the suspend'
    As I don't use a joystick I deleted the driver in the device manager and suspend works fine now.
    Don't you just love Microsoft.
    Appreciated your help.

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