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    Default NIC not detected

    I have been given some network hardware and thought it was going to be a breeze...but alas, not so! I have tried 2 cards in my pentium 150 running win96se. A ISA and and a PCI. Windows wouldn't detect either of them. I'm not sure where to go from here. Should I find the drivers on the net and install them?

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    Istly look on your nic for identification. Any numbers will give a clue but those on the chip try first.
    Go to
    Use login drivers password all
    you are bound to find the correct drivers for your nic.
    should be a breeze after that as long as you have got protocols installed etc.

    regards Don

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    Default Re: NIC not detected

    Thanks don. I have found the driver for the ISA card. It is a DEC DE205. I have installed it, but now windows tells me that the card is not working properly. The config info shows asterisks indicating conflicts on the irq and memory addresses, but the device manager says there are no conflicts?? I have installed the PCI card into another (newer) computer with no probs.

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