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    Default auto install for windows


    Does anyone know how to make I think it's called a auto script so I don't have to be at the computer for the install

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    Default Re: auto install for windows

    Being a Computer Technician also means having to look things up. (reading your other post regarding Disk Imaging)

    While asking here is OK you need to learn and the theres no easy way.

    Heres a hint though-- Go to Microsoft and look for Unattended Install, or do a Google search.

    Basically you need to make the script with all the details you require, product keys, Users etc.

    Ahhhh Shoot -- I'm in a good Mood - so Heres How to make it Windows XP - Happy reading.
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    Default Re: auto install for windows

    Whats so bad about the install? You only need to press keys a couple of times - the press F8 and accept bit, the COA and the regional bits.

    Not too major, I frequently get on with something else then wander back and press a key at the required part, doesn't take up much time at all.

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    Default Re: auto install for windows

    Unattended installs are great when you have multiple PCs which are different so that a ghost image cannot be used. You can set them all going and walk away - the Linux one is better though since it will do the partitioning too.
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    Default Re: auto install for windows

    Windows can also be set to do unattended partitioning...
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