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    Question How does a GPS tell a car's speed?

    How does a GPS tell a car's speed? I have seen some in-car GPS units that can tell a car's speed. How is this? Is the GPS hooked up to the speedometer?

    And if you buy a portable handheld GPS, can it tell your car's speed?

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    Default Re: How does a GPS tell a car's speed?

    No, measurement between two set points divided by the time taken to reach point B from A
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    Default Re: How does a GPS tell a car's speed?

    No, it measures the distance that you've traveled and then divides it by the time it took you to give you your speed ie:

    Distance/Time = Speed
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    Default Re: How does a GPS tell a car's speed?

    You bet it can tell the speed of the vehicle its just time and distance.
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