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    Default .UIF --> BOOTABLE CD :wauggh:

    I've been trying to make a bootable cd from a 580MB .UIF file using Magic ISO Maker & getting zero usable end result.Apart from the knowledge that I'm doing something/s wrong.
    Using the "how to" guide" & following its instructions gets me the zero usable product.(blame the tools,eh)
    Here's what I've been doing:

    (1) Creating and saving to disk an image of the .UIF file. Presumably this image file has been converted into from .uif into .iso format.

    (2) Making a bootable ISO file from the disk image.
    At this point the guide informs me that the "bootable ISO"file can be used to burn a bootable CD

    (3) Making the bootable CD:
    Go into 'Bootable Options" > load the bootable image from disk into the interface.The 'non-bootable'box changes to 'bootable'
    At this stage the interface states that there's 590MB loaded.Hit Burn & get directed to a window telling me to window telling me to open a "bootable option" choice > "load bootable image from floppy/cd/disc image". > choose disk image. ehen I do this I get a 'bootable'notification in a window on the interface & the taskbar indicates that theres 590GB loaded.
    NEXT,the guide tells me to Drag files or folders into the pane from out of Windows Explorer or folders.If I do this the taskbar indicater changes to 1019MB!!?? & that this burn I should save to disk & its an ISO image to make the bootable cd.
    Thought I'd already done that???
    If I hit burn I'm shown another window telling me to set ISO/Jolliet etc. and once done I'm able to tick a green tick & off it goes to burn.
    DO all this & get another stuffed cd,another folder on desktop or the original one SWELLING to bursting.OR ALL OF THESE & MORE OF NOTHING USABLE,apart from the knowledge that somethings amyth.

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    Default Re: .UIF --> BOOTABLE CD :wauggh:

    Whats the image of?

    Scrap the bootable floppy disk / image part, just use MagicISO to burn it and if the ISO was authored correctly from wherever you got it, it should *just boot*

    Good luck

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    Default Re: .UIF --> BOOTABLE CD :wauggh:

    Quote Originally Posted by gza View Post

    (1) Creating and saving to disk an image of the .UIF file. Presumably this image file has been converted into from .uif into .iso format.
    It looks like this program has an option to convert uif to iso. Did you select it first, then burn the iso after?

    It sounds like you added the uif file (thinking MagicISO had converted it to ISO, but it didnt).

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    Default Re: .UIF --> BOOTABLE CD :wauggh:

    I've never used this format, but it looks as if it might be a bit too clever for its own (or anyone's) good.

    It seems to be a compressed archiving format;so a 580MB .UIF file might be too big for a CD when it's expanded. A bootable (Windows) CD would need to have unexpanded content.

    "uif file" to Google might help ...

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    Default Re: .UIF --> BOOTABLE CD :wauggh:

    .UIF, a file extension for "Universal Image File" is according to google a format used to compress files/programs and Magic ISO Maker prog is used to change it back into an .ISO format to create bootable discs.The Magic ISO Maker the only one that'll open it.It's used by MicroSoft so the blurb in the Google info says. @ MagicISO website there are pages upon pages available of Instructions about How & What to do's.Too many for me.
    Sometimes it's changed size to 631MB after i make the disk image of it.The one I have that won't boot is 632MB.
    Tried to get the Boot info off & to floppy but that won't go either.
    Anyway,its become a pain in the pane.
    Too clever for me too coz I've never tried to compress/decompress anything before,nor will I again.
    I got the download of this UIF file off the net.Its an OS.I did get it opened up once and sent the revealed files to cd.Can't remember how I did it but that don't matter, it won't boot!Can only install & do either upgrade/new installation from it if I open it while having my computer up & running.
    It can be made into a bootable cd but I can't do it.
    Stick with that which I know.Easier.
    Now,for something completely different.................hmmmmmmmmm.

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