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    Default Dual boot windows 2000

    I have windows Me on C: drive. I recently added another drive and installed Windows 2000 on to it. I followed all instructions carefully (I think)
    Because of some problems with getting some of my hardware to work, I uninstalled Win 2000
    The problem is that I still have dual boot option when I turn the computer on ie Win 2000 default, Win Me as option.
    I tried removing the boot file in C:, computer would not start.
    Copied it back so I can start but get annoying Dual boot option.
    Is there any way I can restore to straight boot up to Win ME?
    Ps I have lost the roll back function prior to installing Win 2000 so cannot use that to restore.

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    Default Re: Dual boot windows 2000

    Try booting with your Win Me boot floppy and issuing the command FDISK /mbr. THis will restore the master boot record for normal Windows boot up.

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