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    Unhappy Laptop Screen

    Hi everybody!

    Ok this is the problem I have. Yesterday I was carrying my laptop inside with other stuff under the arm, walking into the kitchen i triped over and as I went down droped my stuff and laptop, it must of hit hard as when i went to start up the hard drive made a bad noise and wouldnt boot, so I replaced it with a spare hard drive, the problem is i cant really get a picture on the screen....... if u look a little on the side u can just make out the background and icons. Iv tried brightness and been in the bios but everything else seems normal. I have a external monitor hooked up but what do you think happened to the scren when the laptop hit the ground? Do you think it can be repaired or a whole new screen? its worrying me as a whole new screen would cost a lot i would imagine. Maybe something disconnected inside the laptop reason why the screen is very faint? Any help on this would be appreciated.


    My laptop is a Asus F3T series.

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    Default Re: Laptop Screen

    I think the fall corruped the drive, and the screen is dark because of a loose connection or the sheer force of the drop
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    Are you insured for contents (of your house/flat)? Would think about claiming for your laptop if you have. Sounds like its history! (broken the backlight in the screen?)
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    Getting the screen repaired/replaced is very expensive. I had an IBM Thinkpad with a knackered screen and it was going to cost almost as much as the thinkpad was worth to replace it.

    I kept a watch on trademe for a few months until another of the same model that had a knackered motherboard came up and got that, switched the screens and i was back in business.
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