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    Default Can't install XP on my new Thinkpad

    So I just got a new Thinkpad with Vista basic on it, with the intention of installing my own copy of XP on it (Vista basic was cheaper than XP from Lenovo). But for some reason Windows Setup won't detect my hard drive. A poster in this thread on said that it may be because I may have one of the new SATA controllers that work in AHCI mode by default, and thus are not detected by Windows XP. He says I might be able to wipe the drive, but the XP Setup disc still won't be able to see the drive, thus leaving me with no OS at all (why would Lenovo not include a recovery/Vista disc?). He says some have reported success going into the CMOS setup and switching the controller from AHCI to IDE. Does anyone have any thoughts about this, or about what I should do to get XP onto my drive?
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    Default Re: Can't install XP on my new Thinkpad

    So did u disable native sata in the BIOS??

    This is probably why it wont detect the hdd. Turn it off, then reinstall XP.

    Have u checked to see if there are drivers for XP??

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    Default Re: Can't install XP on my new Thinkpad

    You should still be able to restore Vista on a thinkpad using the Recovery key. My Thinkpad you just use the "Access IBM" key when booting up.

    A second Partition should hold the Vista installation.

    You also should be able to get an XP SATA driver off Lenovo site and install that when XP Setup asks for other drivers. You will have to get all the XP Drivers for use after XP installs anyway.

    IF You opt to install the Vista from Access IBM Recovery once it is done then make a set of recovery CD's. It takes about 8-10 CD's.
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    Default Re: Can't install XP on my new Thinkpad

    I had a similar problem with a Lap top from China. The optional drivers in the XP CD did the trick. You still can't see the drives in Bios but XP finds them & works OK.

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