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    Default Re: How to catch a mouse

    I've caught 5 mice & I think I have got them all now. Ended up melting some cheese to the trap to get the last one.

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    Default Re: How to catch a mouse

    I guess that's easier than pouring the gin into a gin trap.

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    Default Re: How to catch a mouse

    one of my family's cats constantly brings lizards/bugs into the house with killing them, another brings in full grown rabbits, rats and birds, and the one who bullies them both gets his cat biscuts stolen by a hen with little chicks

    so if you get a cat, be sure to get the "bigger than small dog" ones - and get a dog to clean up all the dead animals the cats bring in

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    Pump action shotgun.

    even better!
    When it comes to computers there is a difference to what you need and what you want, the former being less than half the price of the latter.

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    Default Re: How to catch a mouse

    Got home one night at 1am (after leaving my other half at Auckland Hospital with a kidney stone). Opened the sliding door at the top of the stairs to be confronted by a teenage size opposum lying on the floor staring me in the eye. It was surrounded by 3 cats and the dog.

    After hestitating briefly I ventured closer. It was dead. Animals not overly impressed that I found some gardening gloves, picked it up by the tail, biffed it over the cliff and went to bed.

    Squincy died a few months ago and the giant offerings - possums, rabbits, you name it - seem to have ceased. The other two cats tend to bring in small sized mice and let them go.

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    Talking Re: How to catch a mouse

    So you had/have mice? This is good, shows that your kitchen is habitable, in much the same way as the occasional snail on your vegetables shows that you haven't countered all the goodness of your food with "garden" poisons!

    I suggest any future mice get named Bengy, or Franky, even if they aren't white mice. Just place your food in containers rather than leaving it on the bench, and wipe it when you finish cooking and there won't be too many.

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    Default Re: How to catch a mouse

    I managed to get some mouse traps from mitre 10 mega, but the little vermin is still running around eating cardboard boxes and leaving a mess every where. I'm in a rental property and not allowed cats so if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be grateful too.
    Does anyone know if those electronic ultrasonic plug in devices work? I found one that's supposed to keep all kinds of pests at bay.
    I know mice like to eat in seclusion so i'm gonna try putting my traps in a box with a hole in the side, and now i know he likes my crackers i'll use that as bait!

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