Hi all,

I'm not sure whether this problem has happenned to you but I'm totally puzzled by it. Both the main office computer and the laptop next door used to print work fine with the network printer in the main office, until last Saturday. when all of a sudden nothing sent from the laptop to the printer got printed. Even now (after some three hours of trying everything), I can't print a single thing from the laptop now. The main office and the laptop simply do not see eye to eye.

Both the main office computer & the laptop connect to the main printer in the office via a D-Link ADSK Router (DSL-504). The main office computer is prints fine.

But the laptop and the main office printer is something else. So here's what I've done so far:

1. I've copied all the settings, IP addresse, port configurations, etc from the main office computer and load them on the laptop; everything is identical now from the type of printer, rpinet driver and printer settings.

2. When I ping the printer's IP addresses from the laptop (ping it comes back fine. The ipconfig also works fine.

2. I've checked the network cable from next the laptop to the printer and it's ok, in fact I can still surf the net and use the email on the laptop.

3. And I haven't loaded any new programs lately that may've caused any problem.

What else should I do? Any suggestion will be much appreciated. Thanks.