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    Hi, Does anybody think that horse racing is barbaric? I watched a race the other day and these monkeys riding them thrashed the hell out of the poor horses all down the straight,even when the horse was exhausted. If that happened in a paddock the RSPCA would prosecute the buggers. No better than Bull fighting, Bear baiting, Dog fighting etc. Dont they also send the horses to the meat works when they cant run fast enough? Very uncivilized I think. Cheers

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    That's humans for you. We exploit animals. Sad, I know, but what can we do? It's been a tradition in many places. Greyhound racing, etc.....those dogs are supposed to be human animals, yet they are kept in cages, albeit large in most cases. And when they're too old to race, they're on the adoption list. If no one adopts them, they're euthanased.

    Sad, sad world.

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    well considering horse racing is really only a vehicle for gambling and it's associated problems, one would wonder why it's still allowed...

    all you can do really is ignore it and watch/play something else
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    It's a multi-million dollar industry - it won't be disappearing any time soon.....

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    If the horses don't like it, they should have been cows instead.
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