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    Default PC with no fan installed.

    Ok, so my fan was annoying me so much (it was very very noisey) that i ripped it out. Now my computer is nice and silent, I have the left side panel off to let some cool air in there, I was wondering is this dangerous? or is it ok for a day or two until I find a replacement?


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    Default Re: PC with no fan installed.

    Which fan is it? CPU? PSU? Vid Card? Aux Fan?

    If you've got an Athlon processor and you jerked out the fan for can be in big trouble.

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    Default Re: PC with no fan installed.

    I was wondering is this dangerous?
    not too dangerous if it's the cpu fan many systems will jsut shut down if the cpu overheats.......however this can be bad for the health of the components and indeed you may end up destroying or damaging teh data on the harddrive.......if it was the fan in the powersupply unit this can definitely be literally dangerous as it that overheats it could possibly catch on fire and burn down your are cheap ......houses are not
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