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    Situation: I have two large archive.pst files spanning several years. I want to break them apart then re-archive by year.I have tried importing back into Outlook but there are numerous options & now have a lot of duplicate entries in the .PST. Presumably used the wrong import settings.
    Can someone help with the best way of tacking this job. What import settings to use etc. Can I get rid of the duplicate entries I have created. The desired outcome would be several archives by year, eg Archive 1997.pst; Archive 1998.pst etc.
    Thanks in advance

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    Been there, done that. Once the import is run, thats it UNLESS you backed up your PST file first (hindsight...)
    Only answer I found was to delete all duplicates manually.
    When you import there is an option to not import duplicate mail. I must admit I had this go wrong on a few occasions hence the back up routine to restore the status quo and start again.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, that does help. At least it confirms that others have fallen into the same pit. A couple of other settings you may have experience with. When importing from an Archived .PST and you arrive at 'File to Import Options' do you use use 'Replace duplicates...' of 'Do not import duplicates...' hen are these options used?

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