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    Default Forum posting causes Firefox to crash !

    Hi Guys

    I have this obscure problem when using forums (incl this one)

    Sometimes when I start a new thread or reply to a thread when I type in the first line and then press enter the forum crashes and I get asked to send an error report.

    I am using Firefox and XP.

    When I restart Firefox it asks me if I want to restore the session, if I say yes I am returned to my post and from then on it work perfectly.

    This used to happen occasionally, lately it is happening far more often.

    Any Clues ?



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    Default Re: Forum posting causes Firefox to crash !

    It is possible that you need to update Firefox to the newest version. Maybe someone else on here will have other suggestions.

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    Default Re: Forum posting causes Firefox to crash !

    Change to Opera would be the best bet...
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    Default Re: Forum posting causes Firefox to crash !

    You don't have to change browsers just to solve this issue - Firefox vs Opera vs IE is another debate altogether.

    I've had similar issues with certain forums which use a Java applet for part of the WYSIWYG editor, which will cause FF to crash. I've found that using something like NoScript or Adblock to block these "features" solves the problem for me.

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    Default Re: Forum posting causes Firefox to crash !

    Upgrade or disable flash & see if that helps

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    Default Re: Forum posting causes Firefox to crash !

    I noticed this a while back too....

    I had my "search document" running and it would crash F1 when I missed toggling the actual screen on which I was typing, to "ON".

    Make sure that the blue bar on the top of the screen when you are going to post or type..that it is bright blue...if not..that silly search will pop up and close the window.

    Maybe not your problem...but it might help.

    PS: I don't really know what turns that document search thing on and off...I just make sure that the blue bar is burning bright.

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