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    For as long as I have my pc (3years) I have used only 1 GB of my harddrive. Now I find I have used nearly 3 GB and cannot find the reasons for that. I have deleted all my programs in the hope that it would be corrected but gained only about 30 MB. I delete my internet files every time and there are no tempory files to delete, its all clean. Where does this massive 2 GB spring from? I did not download anything, it happened overnight and I have only a few spare MBleft.
    Is there anyone who could help me there. I would be most grateful.

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    One thing you could try is picking up a free utility from - Utilities - File and Disk Management.
    Filter by your OS and freeware licence and you should find something that could analyse your disk and report file and directory sizes.
    I performed a quick check and found utils like TreeSize, Diskdetective and Disk Analyzer - none more than a few hundred KB, so an easy download.

    That at least would give you an idea where the space has gone.

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