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    Default Strange error with Norton Ghost 2003

    Tried to clone a 6GB drive to a 40GB drive, got to 99% and Ghost threw up this error:

    Internal Error 27202

    In internal inconsistency has been detected
    if this problem persists, contact symantec technical support
    GHOSTERR.TXT includes this:

    Message: Error writing AT_DATA attribute for FILE_BITMAP

    of course useless symantec have nothing about ghost 2003 error codes above 10008 and nothing else useful

    Anyone here know what the problem might be?
    Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

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    Default Re: Strange error with Norton Ghost 2003

    try this
    Ghost.exe -ws- -wd-

    Ghost isnt a perfect bit of software, doesnt allways work.
    I find Acronos works were Ghost doesnt (& vice versa)

    could be a faulty drive, issuse with that drive not being 100% compatable
    with the motherboard, hidden recovery partitions causing issues,non
    standard MBR record causing issues....

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