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    When I click on Internet Explorer I get a 'Please check content advisor for missing info' message/OK/ then 'Action cancelled, I.E. was unable to link to the webpage requested'.
    A content advisor check shows 'disabled' and all 4 settings are at level 0. I reset them to level 4,apply/OK then 'enable'/OK.
    I can now acces the Internet and all is fine until I shut down I.E.. The whole process repeats itself next time I try to log on. The content advisor settings have all returned to zero etc.

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    I've lost this letter to u twice now so straight into the answer. Open Windows Explorer, View, Folder OPtions, the View tab, and make sure under 'hidden files' that the 'show all files' box is checked. Then open the windows and Windows\system folders and look for an 8kb file named 'ratings.pol' highlight it, right click it and rename it to 'ratings.oldpol' a new ratings.pol is generated and the problem should be sorted.

    When you are in I.E. 5.5, in 'Internet Options' on the content tab and have reset the 4 setting to whatever, make sure to go to the 'general tab and check the box that says 'allow viewing of web sites with no ratings levels' or some such.

    Hope this helps. . . took me forever to find it out cause I couldn't get onto the net to hunt down a fix !!

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    Many many thanks,you have sorted it for me after 2 months of trying.

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