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    Default signature button in Outlook 2000 greyed out

    While helping a colleague create a signature in MS Outlook 2000, I came unstuck when the signature button was greyed out. I had already changed his email settings from Plain Text to HTML, and also had checked that he was using Word as his email text editor.

    I double-checked by referring to the Outlook help files, which annoyingly told me to do exactly what the program was not allowing me to do.

    I can't give detailed info because I'm back at my own PC now, so I'm hoping this threadbare (for which I apologise) account is enough for someone to shed some light.

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    Default Re: signature button in Outlook 2000 greyed out

    Does the user have limited access on the pc? Try and make him an administrator and see if that fixes the problem. M just guessing here.
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