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    Default Re: Wireless microphone/receiver

    [Apologies for non-technical description] We tried connecting the Nady receiver to our amp using a cable bought from DSE with (is it?) RCA connectors on one end and input jack (same as original cable) on the other. Didn't work - not helped by being unsure of exactly where to plug it in. Our amp has no mic input but has heaps of places to plug things in at the back! Now we've bought the Minimix 800 for $116 (new) and are hoping that will work okay. Still not sure of where to plug it all in though (suggestions welcome ). Who knows, we could be flogging off cheapish unused Karaoke equipment before long...

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    Default Re: Wireless microphone/receiver

    Well good on you - I would be really interested to hear how you find the unit .

    To set it up it looks like you connect the output of the CD player to the RCA inputs on the back of the Minimix [ using a male both ends RCA cable - probably attached to the CD player currently ] then connect another RCA cable to the output of the minimix and connect the to your home stereo Aux etc input

    Then connect up the microphone receiver using a 1/4" cable [ eg a guitar cable ] and you should be set !

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