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    Default Favorites Folder Access Denied

    I have been using a Windows Backup on XP Pro, I pulled the latest data off lappy hdd with an enclosure to a pc, backup has it saved as E:, when restoring I chose alternate location, and set it to C: so path was same as original, however when it restores the folders Favorites and Desktop are no longer available. After a sys restore desktop comes back along with all files but Favorites is not. Apart from rebuilding again and this time restoring to single folder, what can I do?

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    Hi and welcome to the PressF1 forums

    I haven't had this problem before, however, i am wondering if you have created a new user account on your pc after the restore?
    the desktop and favorites folders are part of the user account, so if you have no user account, there may not be anywhere for those folders.
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    Just using admin account, so no changes. Will boot into safe mode and try changing permissions or allow sharing. Otherwise I can't think of anything else.

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