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    Default Removing device drivers

    I have a Genius USB scanner and during a re install of Win 2000 I couldn?t find my original CD so I downloaded what I thought was the right drivers.

    However, they were not and uninstalling the device does not remove the scan manager which says no device is attached after booting. 3rd party uninstalling software refused to remove via the icons. I fossicked around in the registry and deleted all references that looked suitable and the scan manager feature was removed/disabled.

    Reinstalling from the (now found) CD produces the same result, so I assume the 'newer' drivers are being left during installation. Removing the device in control panel and/or reinstalling drivers refuses to work as it says ?there is a problem? (very informative statement that one!) I have had this device working previously with no additional hardware added etc.

    How do I completely remove drivers from my system? If that is the problem.

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    Default Re: Removing device drivers

    Normally removing the devices using the Device Manager in Contol Panel/System should be sufficient. As it is a USB device you may need to remove and re-install the USB device drivers.

    However, now that you have found the CD, I would explore it in detail and read ant 'readme' type files. Your main problem is to identify the files which have been installed - one of these files may give you some clues. In addition, exploring the CD may simply show you the files as they may not be compressed or contained in cabs.

    While I am not very familiar with scanners and the software you would use with them, you may find it necessary to remove the software as well - go back to ground zero (no scanner, and no software). The driver may very well be buried in the application software.

    As a last resort - how do you feel about repeating the W2K install:-)

    You have my sympathy.


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    Default Re: Removing device drivers

    I found a system file called USBSCAN.SYS in winnt\system32\drivers which has a later date and is a diffrent size than the one that comes on the CD.

    Therefore I tried to copy the older smaller file from the CD to the drivers directory. However, W2k appears to copy it but it insists on retaining the current file. It will not let me delete or replace this file.

    I sure this is a very useful feature to ensure system stability but how do you turn it off temporarily?

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