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    I have created a 200Mb partition on my HD to move the Windows 98SE Swap File onto. I want to make it a <200Mb Permanent. When I get into the Virtual Memory settings tab (Control Panel-->System-->Performance-->Vitrual Memory) and try to change the Hard Disk, all I can see is (D:\0Mb Free) and WIndows won't let me create the Swap file. I made the Partition with Partition Magic 5.0 it is a logical partition, formatted and I can copy files to/from it OK. I have also tried to create a smaller swap file, but still no good. Help Please!!

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    It seems at times that Windows does not want you to set your own virtual memory management. I have had the same problem in the past. You just have to persevere. Just before this posting I did the same as you and set up a fixed swap file on a new D partition without any problems. Try re-booting go straight to virtual memory setting and try again, 'Let me specify my own virtual memory settings' and scroll down in Hard Disk box to D:\ and set the size of the swap file in the Minimum and Maximum boxes.

    Of course if you have enough RAM like over 128MB your swap file will be small or zero.
    In system.ini under [386Enh], add the line ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 this will force Win98 to use RAM in preference to the swap file, and there will be much less accessing of the swap file on the hard drive which is slower than RAM access.

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    200mb swapfile...i hope your ram size is big. i was running 128 ram with 300mb swapfile and found it to be to small....bloatware for ya.

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