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    Cool Laptop keeps loosing DVD drive.

    Every now and then My DVD multidrive vanishes from my Toshiba Satellite Laptop 'My Computer'. If I place a cd or dvd in the drive when it isn't shown it does nothing. If I go into Device Manager and refresh or search for changes sometimes it comes back, sometimes I have to restart. When it is visable it plays and writes perfectly to CD and DVD. This is a pain and starting to become very frustrating. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Laptop keeps loosing DVD drive.

    I notice you havent received any help with this.
    I came accross a similar problem recently with a laptop.
    In this case the combo drive had been removed & refitted at some earlier stage. The securing screw had been left out & after some use the drive had worked its way out to a point where it was intermitantly loosing contact.
    A firm push back in was required to fully relocate the conection.

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    Default Re: Laptop keeps loosing DVD drive.

    Actually sounds like a connection problem. How old is the Laptop?
    One thing positive about Windows 10 is that there is never a dull moment anymore on ye olde computer

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