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    Red face Low memory

    My computer is running low on memory ( windows xp ) HDD of 80 GB. Loads of stuff on it. I have bought another 80 GB. How do I connect them inorder to sychronise them? Please help.

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    You need more memory not more hard drives to fix a low ram / memory problem.

    An extra hdd will give you more space, it wont fix the low / lack of ram problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fkapepa View Post
    My computer is running low on memory HDD of 80 GB. How do I connect them
    Thats storage space, not memory.

    Change the jumper to Slave on the back of the new HDD. Connect the middle connector of the IDE cable to this drive.

    (unless its sata?)

    Make sure the BIOS sees it before continuing on to WIndows.

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    Before this post drops out of sight ...

    fkapepa what memory / drive type are you meaning ?

    Are you running low on HDD space ? That is a different issue to being low on memory as has been mentioned in prior posts

    If you are adding another HDD to your computer it would be a great help to know if the drives are PATA or SATA , as again has been mentioned

    By sychronise do you mean have them both in the same case and working together with XP ?


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